Welcome Spring!

March has just appeared and so has Spring. Almond trees are blooming everywhere making the scenery look like a picture from a fairytale and  poppies are ready to show their red heart. So, it’s time for us to prep our vehicles and get ready for a colorful  private spring tour around Greece, admiring nature and all the miracles she so lavishly gives us. So grab your camera and roam with us. It’s our time to escape from our shells and finally breathe the flower-scented air.

Arachova - Traveling and enjoying Greece

Summer might be over but that does not stop us from traveling and enjoying Greece because there are so many other colors she has to show us. Now it’s time to go higher, explore the mountains and secret spots in the beautiful forests of Greece!
Enjoy an 8 hours Private tour to Delphi, known also as the navel of the world. Visit the archaeological area and discover the unique Delphi Sanctuary with the famous Oracle.