Athens, Corinth Canal and Ancient Corinthos Full Day Private Tour

Every corner of Athens’ center hides a small fragment of history. From the Parthenon to the temple of Olympian Zeus. But Athens is not the only city with historical importance. Only an hour away from Greece’s capital, lies the Ancient Corinth. To reach the ruins, you will cross the famous Corinth Canal that separates the Peloponnese from the Greek mainland.

Private tour in Athens

Feeling adventurous? Then, hop on for an amazing Athens Tour with our owned private vehicles and our experience drivers! Your personal chauffeur will take you for a ride around Athens, among great monuments. Climb the ancient rock of Acropolis and be amazed by the breathtaking view, walk among the pillars of Ancient Agora and enter the Panathenaic Stadium, the birthplace of the modern Olympic Games.

Welcome Spring!

March has just appeared and so has Spring. Almond trees are blooming everywhere making the scenery look like a picture from a fairytale and  poppies are ready to show their red heart. So, it’s time for us to prep our vehicles and get ready for a colorful  private spring tour around Greece, admiring nature and all the miracles she so lavishly gives us. So grab your camera and roam with us. It’s our time to escape from our shells and finally breathe the flower-scented air.